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Mobile Phone Repair Course

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Certificated Courses

#GoBeyond People today never leave their mobile phone alone, this constant usage has caused many damages and breakdowns to the mobile phones. Thus the need of mobile phone repair professionals has highly increased and is becoming a trendy must-learn skill of today’s modern world!

To catch up with the pace of today’s technology, we have incorporated with the renowned smartphone repair expert from China to conduct the Professional Mobile Phone Repair Course.

We are thriving to develop an always advancing service platforms that meet every need and constantly create higher values for smartphone repair service. For all thirsty souls who are eager to learn, this is the most remarkable, the most practical, and the most crucial mastery that will certainly satisfy you!

iPhone 8Plus 激光打后盖坏像头维修案例
iPhone X无法激活维修案例
iPhone XS搬板维修案例
iPhone X 无触摸的维修案例