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GM Communication is determined to offer only the best service and best quality of spare parts to our customers. While our sales person offering door to door service, saving all the troubles for our clients.

On top of that, we ensure that the placed orders are being delivered as soon as possible, within few hours the orders were placed. We wanted our clients could proceed with their business without any hassles.

We provide only high-quality spare parts and tools for our customers, and offer 1 to 1 exchange warranty up to 6 months to our customers, with terms and conditions applied.

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Phone Repair Service

We are using high technology with skilful mechanics to repair and fix the damage mobile phone of our customers. Our repairing service include but not limited to:

Mobile Phone Service & Repair (iPhone & Android)

  1.  LCD Glass Specialist
  2. Motherboard Repair
  3. Camera Repair
  4. Battery & Button Repair
  5. Unlocking Services
  6. System Failure Repair
  7. Speaker Repair

GM Academy

#GoBeyond People today never leave their mobile phone alone, this constant usage has caused many damages and breakdowns to the mobile phones. Thus, the need of mobile phone repair professionals has highly increased and is becoming a trendy must-learn skill of today’s modern world!

To catch up with the pace of today’s technology, we have incorporated with the renowned smartphone repair expert from China to conduct the Professional Mobile Phone Repair Course.

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Phone Protection Package


We offer warranty that covers mechanical or electrical defects for a period of time.

If you decide you want coverage for mechanical or electrical defects after your manufacturer’s warranty expires, you can pay to extend it with us, and we promise to repair or replace your device when needed.

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Official Repair,  Quality Assurance.

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